Welcome to WATER TRACES, an immersive exploration by Danae Stratou at The Farm Margaret River. To enhance your experience, follow these instructions while navigating the work :

  1. Identification:
    – Locate yourself on the handheld map; you are represented by the (blue) movable tag. The live map depicts the 19 waterlines marked in thin blue lines within the property.
  2. Audio Experience:
    – Place your headphones on or activate the audio on your device. Tap to listen and immerse yourself in the accompanying soundscape.
  3. Begin Your Journey:
    – Start moving along the exposed soil or pasture, adapting to the seasonal changes in the landscape.
  4. Observation:
    – Observe your path as it unfolds, revealing the intricate layers beneath your feet.
  5. Map Exploration:
    – Feel free to enlarge the map at your leisure to gain a comprehensive view of the water lines and the routes traveled.
  6. Continued Exploration:
    – Optionally, seek out another marker and continue traversing the waterlines, uncovering more of the narrative.


Safety First:

  • Always prioritise your safety during the exploration.
  • Take note of electric fences and cross through gates or styles where available.
  • Be cautious of livestock, ensuring gates are securely closed behind you.

Embark on this journey with awareness and curiosity,