WATER TRACESMaking the Invisible Visible

Like veins coursing beneath the earth’s skin, the silent water beneath our feet flows without asking for recognition. In a gesture of acknowledgment, Stratou invites her audience to contemplate the interconnectedness of our planet and its consciousness.

In a continuous journey of healing, the ephemeral artwork delicately connects with the earth, gently carving paths through the pasture, unveiling the soil beneath. This intricate process not only allows the land to breathe but also reveals the subtle network of waterways beneath the surface. Discovering nineteen underground water streams by using ancient divination techniques, Stratou unveils the journey that begins to unfold from The Farm Margaret River’s 31 hectare property, extending for 5.6 km. Beyond The Farm Margaret River, streams commence their life giving journey, meandering through larger converging streams before intertwining with the vast currents of the ocean. Seamlessly integrated into the broader global circulation, they may find their conclusion in the distant realms of South Africa or Antarctica, vistas contemplated from the serene South Point in Gracetown.

Within this immersive experience, discover eight markers (metal posts) adorned with three coordinates: where you stand, the location in which the stream exits the coast, and the waters ultimate destination. These markers serve as anchors, grounding and eternalising the ephemeral artwork in the physical landscape. As you walk these pathways, listen for the lively murmurs of creek lines, the nocturnal whispers of creatures dwelling in the serene waters, and voice blending by Wardandi custodian Mitchella Hutchings. Notice the undulating flora, and consider the extended tree roots embodying the life force below… Take a moment to witness the invisible.

Georgia Maggs